I love being a SFH Ambassador because I can help all the children get skateboards. They can learn about how to never give up and make lots of friends.”


Brazil | Ambassador since 2018 @manu_nonno

Manu has the energy and gnarliness of a fashionable skateboarder. Unapologetic, she pushes her boundaries and creates opportunities to be a better skater in a very competitive Brazilian vibe.

At only 10 years old, Manu emulates her skate heroines Leticia Bufoni, Pamela Rosa,  and Virginie Fortes Aguas. All three have been on the podium many times worldwide.

Just as Brazilians have an outstanding ability to dribble a ball, they have elasticity and balance crucial when riding aboard. With a massive population of more than 200 million, there is no shortage of competitors.

Manu has been using her social media platform to bring awareness about children living in poverty. She attends events held at the favelas in Rio de Janeiro and gives out shoes snacks and skateboards.  She is a born leader, so skateboarding is vital for children’s development, especially those living in dire poverty.  

Skateboarding’s inclusion as an Olympic sport may change the local scene in Brazil for girls like Manu, who are leading the way as our Ambassador. 

She is somewhat a celebrity in the skate scene in her local town. She has a wicked sense of humour and is comfortable in her skin. You can see how happy she is when she skateboards. Brush up on your Portuguese because Manu goes live weekly and will answer your questions. She is really a breath of fresh air and a dedicated skater.

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