Why Skateboards?

Skateboarding is used as a tool to give socioeconomically disadvantaged children the opportunity to achieve their goals and rise above poverty. We use skateboarding with three actions: reuse, recycle, and revolutionize.

Our mission is crucial

The practice of skateboarding is a powerful tool to support our children’s wellbeing and self-development. By donating skateboards, children can practice skateboarding, foster valuable life skills, and belong to a safe and loving community. With educational projects, we motivate and encourage them to become community-engaged leaders.

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What we do

At Skateboards for Hope, we initiate actionable projects such as donating skateboards, implementing skateboard art projects in schools, develop workshops about inclusion and anti-bullying, generate philanthropic community engagement and much more.

Collecting, repairing, and donating used skateboards and gear.

Used skateboard equipment is provided to artists and schools so it can be recycled into arts & crafts and woodworking.

Using skateboarding as a medium to create life-changing opportunities and build positive, inclusive communities for children and youth.

Why? Because skateboarding

Nurtures confidence

Skateboarding encourages children to be healthy, active leaders because it benefits their physical and mental capacities.

Fosters inclusivity

Skateboarding develops a growth mindset; as children push their limits, they realize that anything is possible by learning problem-solving and perseverance.


Motivates youth

Skateboarding embraces universal values such as human rights, inclusion, trust and community.

Creates communities

Driving positive social change, skateboarding connects youth to a global network which encourages them to contribute to their communities.

How it all started

Betty Esperanza is the Founder of Skateboards for Hope. While on a trip to Cuba, Betty—a lifelong shredder—gave a young boy, Yojany Perez her skateboard. Years later, he became the number one skateboarder in Cuba. After a decade of collecting and recycling thousands of used skateboards from Montreal and beyond, Skateboards for Hope has been advocating for children rights by providing access to skateboarding and educational projects to break the cycle of poverty in Canada, First Nations, Cuba and Uganda and many developing countries.


Betty Esperanza, Founder of Skateboards for hope

Where we’re going, with your help

We mentor youth worldwide using skateboards as a tool to promote positive action and active community engagement. We shred the taboos and break the stigma around skateboarding culture by showing that the practice of skateboarding benefits children physical and mental capacities, teaches self reliance, perseverance and problem solving, and provides concrete solutions to rise above poverty.

Our partners

We want to thank all our partners that have provided us with opportunities to do the good work.

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