India | Ambassador since 2020 | @skate_janzz

Our youngest ambassador, at five-years-old, Janaki from Thrissur, Kerala,India, is what some might call a prodigy.

She became Skateboards For Hope ambassador in 2020 at 4 years old and was already showing her determination to control her ollies and shuvits with her tiny feet. She demonstrates all the great qualities of confidence, perseverance and passion at such a young age. Janaki has made a big impression on older skaters in India where she went on a 5 city tour to promote skateboarding under the watchful eye of her Mother Jincy.

Alongside her parents and brother stationed in Dubai due to work, Janaki has been perfecting her skills in the underground garage while creating her own skate style. Skateboarding is in its beginning stages in India and it’s important for more girls to get on board with its development and evolution.

I do fall and cry a lot but as my mother always says, ‘It's all a part of the game’. Once you taste the happiness of landing one trick, after several trials and falls on the ramp, you will never be discouraged, no matter what happens.”

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