Photo by Julie Goudreau of Lily-Rose

Story by Julie Goudreau, Mother.

Lily-Rose is 6 years old and lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She started skateboarding several months ago. Since the age of two, she asked for a skateboard but we thought it was a bit much! At the of age 5, we finally gave in and purchased her first skateboard. Ever since, she has been sleeping with Thrasher magazines and her collection of skateboards.

Lily-Rose was a very shy little girl most of her life. She didn’t socialize well with other children and preferred to be alone. Lily-Rose had a traumatic experience when she was much younger that led her to not trust people. It all started to change when she took up skateboarding. Slowly, she gained confidence and trust in herself and a little but in others. Everyday is a new challenge and Lily-Rose keeps improving and feeling better about herself.

Lily-Rose’s happy results come from meeting and sharing time with other skateboarders she finds at the skatepark. Nobody questions her or tries to make her talk more than she wants. She feels comfortable with her new skate friends who continue to encourage her and love skateboarding as much as she does.

Lily-Rose would like to share a message with everyone who reads this. “No matter the situation past or present, no matter the kind of person you are, boy or girl, young or old. Don’t feel bad. Take your skateboard and go to the skatepark near you or as far as you wish and just SKATEBOARD! You’ll meet great people, maybe you will make new friends who will become part of your new family!” Quote: Lily-Rose, 6 years old and a badass skateboarder.

Lily-Rose is now the youngest Skateboards For Hope Ambassador. We find her inspiring and she was so happy to be given the opportunity to share her joy of skateboarding with other children her age. Godmother will update you on her progress and rad skateboarding skills in future blog posts.


Lily-Rose, 6yr Skateboarder. Photo by Julie Goudreau.

Lily-Rose, 6yr Skateboarder. Photo by Julie Goudreau

Lily-Rose, 6yr Skateboarder. Photo by Julie Goudreau


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