Happy International Women’s Day! For the past couple of years we have been recruiting Ambassadors worldwide to spread the joy of skateboarding and empower youth to become leaders in their communities. There are 70% of girls who are leading this rEVOLution at Skateboards For Hope and making concrete waves in the skateboarding industry. Skateparks, brands and skate clubs are sprouting up weekly. It’s becoming more common to hold all girls skateboarding events, clinics and social get-togethers. There is so much more we can do to be inclusive and diverse without being exclusive. At Skateboards For Hope, we provide a platform for girls to voice their love of skateboarding and build opportunities to connect. Being different is empowering and skateboarding does that in a safe environment on or offline.

Thanks to all the girls and women leading our industry and society in a positive way !

Special thanks to our Ambassadors who are in the frontlines changing the equation to equal rights. You go girls!

If you want to support our girls and their projects, please donate your time, skateboards and funds.


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