What’s Up Montreal? Chose Skateboards For Hope First Nations as their humanitarian project.

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t’s the holiday season, the time to show goodwill towards all of mankind, and part of celebrating the holidays means recognizing those who are less fortunate as well as those who go out of there way to help people who need it. What’s Up Montreal is always on the lookout to spread the word of people doing good deeds so they decided to look for a charitable organization this year to collaborate with. Now, while all charities deserve recognition and are worthy of help they nevertheless found that there was one organization that stood out and felt it merited getting some extra attention.
Skateboards For Hope was that organization that they felt was noteworthy with a vision and approach that was unique that shone differently from other organizations. Founded by Betty Esperanza, Skateboards For Hope has made its mission to fight poverty and help at­ risk youth by fostering self­-esteem and confidence in them by introducing them to the world of skateboarding. Now, most people’s reactions to the idea of giving skateboards to kids as way of fighting poverty and helping kids grow into being confident and motivated adults might be one of incredulity, and they believe that there can’t possibly be a connection between the two. But as you’re about to see nothing could be further from the truth.


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