Let’s imagine a pageantry that supports equality and freedom of choice for all especially women. Let’s imagine a game of skate between new skateboarders who are actually competing for the title of Miss Northern Uganda and let’s just say that we think they all deserve to be crowned MNU for their eagerness to learn the joys of skateboarding.

Yes, it happened here in Gulu, Uganda with the Skateboards For Hope Ambassador, Magada Collins and his crew who gave a lesson to the ladies. Two tourists also lent a hand at trying to show the girls the basics.

Skateboarding is for everyone. It’s inclusive, empowers confidence, respect, and challenges you to surpass your limits. It’s really a great way to learn about yourself. Judging by the smiles, it looks like everyone enjoyed their experience. We hope to see more girls and ladies try out skateboarding.

Good luck ladies for your pageant and we wish you all lots of success in everything you choose to do.

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