Tasked with the mission to present a charity she loved to her 5th grade class, skateboarder Nina Djordjevic wrote us the sweetest letter explaining why she felt so passionate about Skateboards For Hope:

To whom it may concern,

My name is Nina Djordjevic. I am a grade five student at Regal road Junior Public School. My class was assigned a project to choose a charity that I was passionate about. I chose your charity because I personally love skateboarding and I think that it is amazing that you’re spreading the joy. For my lesson, I presented a poster and speech about your charity to my class. Then we did an activity. Since Skateboards For Hope sends skateboards to youth who lost hope, we coloured in printed skateboards, as if we are sending it to someone. I hope your charity continues to be successful. I think that you really give hope to all those people. Thank you Skateboards For Hope for being a great and beautiful team!



Along with her amazing letter were pictures of Nina holding her beautiful project on Skateboards For Hope:

And a few with her and her friends, amidst their beautiful skateboard drawings!

We thank you, Nina, for taking the time to talk about our wonderful organization. People like you fuel our desire to persist in our mission to empower young people to the best of our ability. Much love, and keep on shredding!



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