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Every Deck has a Story..

Fresh Paint Gallery & Skateboards For Hope


Fresh Hope! A Skate Deck Exhibition.

40 Artists. 40 Decks. One Great Cause. * December 8th – Janurary 15th 2017 Fresh Paint Gallery: 209 Saint Catherine East, Montreal, Quebec, 82X 1L2 Metro: St-Laurent or Berri. Free Entry. Artists Participating: Adida Fallen Angel, Andy Dass, Arnold, Axe, Beaf, Borrrris, Carolina Espinosa, Cgo, Chris Dyer, Emmanuel Laflamme, Eskro, Fléo, Fletcher, Flavour, Futur Lasor Now, Germdee, Gribouilliz, Haks 180, HeR, HoarKor, I Am Batman (Jessie Kravitz), i.mag.e, Kwun, Loopkin, LSNR, MALICIOUZ, Marc Sirus, Marie-Philippe, Mateo, Le Monstr, Naïmo, Nemo, Oram, Paulie, Regimental Oneton, Roc 514, SBU One, Scribe, Susan Shulman, Startkey, TRAKTEUR, TurtleCaps, Valerie Bastille. Music by the great Construct & Overflow. Beverages and finger food. Concept: 40 artists were chosen to create powerful art on used skateboard decks that will be donated to underprivileged children around the world with the help of the Skateboards for Hope organisation. In this exhibition Fresh Paint decided to team up with Skateboards for Hope, an organization which works effortlessly on bringing the joy of skateboarding to kids around the world who are less fortunate. Since SFH does very well in collecting, connecting and delivering the skateboards, Fresh Paint decided that the least they can do to help is to give the skateboard a fantastic fresh new look. Each deck will be repainted in a unique style by different artists from the Fresh Paint ever expanding loving family. All decks will be displayed in a powerful exhibition, which once over, SFH will personally deliver the decks to the wonderful children. Information about Skateboards For Hope: SFH is an organization that collects used skateboards and finds a new home for upcoming young skaters from different places around the world who are less fortunate and cannot afford to purchase their own gear or in countries where there are no skateboards. FP decided to help SFH by not just giving the decks a fresh new look but also exhibiting, promoting and shining some light on this wonderful cause. Each deck will be assigned to a selected artist who will give the deck their own special touch, the decks will then be displayed at the gallery and once the exhibition is over the skateboards will travel to their new owners, giving them and us a fresh new hope for sharing, connecting and enjoying the art of skateboarding and community. Links: Fresh Paint Gallery Site: Fresh Paint Gallery FB: Fresh Paint Instagram: SkateBoards For Hope site: Skateboards For Hope FB: SFH Instagram: HashTages: #yofreshpaint #freshhopemtl #freshhopeexpo#skateboardsforhope #freshpaintgallery

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