Born in California in the late 1950s, skateboarding was adopted by some of the surfers wanting to ride even when the weather does not allow to have a good swell. The first skateboard that combines rollers to a wooden board, is marketed in 1959, since it is tens of millions of skateboard that sold. The first skate parks and open trade press emerges Trasher. This against-culture is quickly caught by his success, and by the 1990s, is commercialized with many contests, publicized festivals, video games and clothing brands. For ten years, street art knows the same marketing process that the culture of skateboarding.

OFF THE RECORD is interested in the history of these two “sub-cultures” and their popularization. How do you pass the underground to mass culture?

Our guests from the urban culture, Founder Betty Esperanza of Skateboards For Hope with Justin Darrow who is SFH First Nations Ambassador and Adi Khavous (Adida Fallen Angel) who is a multi-disciplinary artist/skateboarder, will discuss the evolution and the relationship between these two movements.


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